Eye Make Up Tips for Your Eye Shape

Did you know that your eye make- up can tell people a lot about your style and personality? By far the biggest request I get during one to one lessons is ‘How do I do my eyes’.

Understanding your eyes shape will simplify your eye make- up options as you will learn what looks suit your eye shape and what looks don’t.

What suits you if you have:

  • Close Set Eyes- If your eyes sit quite close together you want to keep colours light on the inner corners and gradually darken it towards the outer edges to create the illusion of space between the eyes. If you don’t wear a lot of eye make- up or time is tight in the mornings, smudge some dark pencil at the outer edges and it will create the same effect. Avoid lining the entire lash line- it is better to go from pupil to outer edge.
  • Wide Set Eyes- If your eyes are wide set you want to do pretty much the opposite of above. Keep colours darker on the inner lid and lighted as you reach the outer corners. Another way to close the gap and create dimension to your eye is to pop a medium colour in your crease and blend into the inner corner to create the illusion of a bigger eye but that won’t make the gap between your eyes seem bigger. Avoid winged liner on the outer edge and shimmers on the inner lid as this can make the eyes look further apart.
  • Deep Set Eyes- If your eyes are deep set you want to use light or shimmer colour on your lid to bring the area forward. Avoid dark colours all over the lid as this will just deepen the eye further. If you are wearing liner you are best to keep it from middle to outer corner if wearing a dark shadow or along the water line on the bottom if you are wearing a cream colour pencil.
  • Downcast Eyes- as we get older our eyes tend to start going this way so what you want to do is lift them back up. Using medium to dark shadows on the outer edges and blending them upwards will lift the eye up. Think blending out and up towards the end of your brow- keep the blend soft too so that it creates a softer, more natural lift. If you are wearing liner keep it think on the inner edge and thicken line towards the outer edge. Avoid lining the bottom lash line if your eyes are quite downcast.
  • Hooded Eyes- If your eyes are hooded this means that you have no visible mobile lid (the part that moves when you blink). You want to start with a darker shadow at your lash line and gradually lighten it as you go up towards the brow bone to create the illusion of a larger lid.
  • Large/Round Eyes- this eye shape has a lot of lid and is very prominent. Avoid light, shimmery shadows all over the lid as this can make them even bigger looking and deepening the crease too much as this will push the lid out too. Stick to matte medium to dark colours from lash line to crease and gradually lighten- this will draw them in a bit. If you are wearing liner keep it the same thickness all over for balance, you can also wear it all over the upper and lower lash line.

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