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AYU 'Its all in the Eyes' Brush Set


“The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.”
― Audrey Hepburn

Vegan Friendly


**Brush Wallet Not Included**

What does it include:

AYU Blender Brush- Every make up bag need a good blender brush! Our AYU Blender brush has a soft, fluffy brush head to give you a gentle application of colour, to soften harsh lines or to apply your transition colour to the crease. It is also perfect for application of highlight onto the brow bone or cheek bones. We also love it to set our under eye concealer as it gives a perfect light coverage of powder to prevent any creasing. It is best used with powder products.

AYU Pro Blender Brush- This brush features a tapered, soft yet dense brush head for more intense colour application for even blending of shadow, or for blurring two shades together. It can also be used to buff on your concealer under eyes and on blemishes. It can be used with powder or cream products.

AYU Smudge Brush - A must-have makeup brush- the tapered end of this brush is designed for smudging to create diffused definition. The firm, yet soft synthetic bristles are made to blend out eye shadows at the crease and eyeliner along the lash line.

AYU Flat Shadow Brush- This brush features is dense with a rounded tip, perfect for packing on colour, smudging pencil liner or gently defining eyeshadow on the upper and lower lash lines. It will pack on pigment, soften pencil liners, add a touch of definition with shadow to line the eyes or can even be used to highlight inner corner of eyes. It can be used with pencil, powders or cream products.

AYU Pencil Brush- Made with synthetic fibers, it features a tapered tip to create a smooth application of product. It is an essential for every smokey eye and great for detail work. It is best used with powder products.

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