My Favourite High End Foundations!

Hi Everyone,

Today I wanted to go through my favourite high end foundations. I will do a separate post on my top budget foundations too!

So, what is it about certain foundations that keeps me coming back for more? There are a few things but the most important elements for me are that it last well throughout the day without drying out the skin and that the finish looks natural! I am a less is more type of person with make up so I always love the skin to look like skin. I want people to tell you that YOU look great and not your make up looks great! The following foundations are ones that are in both my personal and professional kits. I would never use anything on my clients that I wouldn’t use myself too. In no particular order they are:

IT Cosmetics CC Cream-

Okay, so this is a CC cream but I think they are all the same at the end of the day so I still use it as an event base all the time! I love that this has an spf of 50 and anti ageing serums in it so is actually looking after your skin as well as giving you gorgeous coverage and it will last from dawn til dusk! It was developed by plastic surgeons for people with skin conditions that needed the extra coverage but didn’t want to completely mask the skin- they have totally nailed this! It comes in an illuminating form, oil free form and regular. My favourite is the regular as I feel the oil free is a little too dry even on the oiliest of skins and the illuminating one to me is just a tad too shiney where the regular is just right! They have a variety of shades that are lovely cool tones. I find this fab to cover the rosiest of skin and it really is light to wear. My most used shades are light and medium.

Estee Lauder Double Wear-

People are often really surprised to hear that this is one of my favourites as it is known for its coverage and to be heavy but they changed the formula a few years back and now it is just gorgeous. I find it gives a beautiful coverage but doesn’t dry the skin out, you can also rest assured that once applied it will not move! I always go for the W or N formulas as they  the yellow and neutral toned ones and the ones that will melt away into your jawline for a super natural finish. The C shades are pink based and I find leave a chalky appearance on the skin! My most used shads are Dawn, Sand, Bone and Tawney.

MAC Cosmetics Face & Body-

My ALL time favourite! This foundation is super lightweight being water based but will give your skin a glow like no other! The trick with Face and Body is to really work it into your skin with your Buffer brush otherwise it will disappear during the day. What I love most about this base is that people will tell you that you look great rather than your make up which I think is the ultimate compliment! I again always stick to the yellow toned formulas so that is the ‘C’ tones. My most used shades are C1, C2, C3.

Chanel Vitalumiere-

This foundation I love for mature skins- it has a beautiful coverage but is lightweight and will give a really gorgeous healthy glow to the skin- perfect for older skins that are lacking vitality. It is pricey but worth it. It has lots of skincare ingredients too so is treating the skin while making you look fab! My most used shades are 20 and 30.

NARS Sheer Glo-

This foundation has a higher coverage than the others but still manages to look beautiful on the skin. I use this a lot for event make up because it has that natural but flawless finish. It has great staying power too but if you shine you will need to set those areas well. I tend only to set where it needs it as you don’t want to lose the glow from all over. My most used shades are Fiji, Sante Fe, Punjab and Stromboli.

Chanel CC Cream-

This is definitely more than a regular CC cream- it has a medium to full coverage and also has and spf of 50. It feels beautifully light on the skin and will last. It a great summer product when you are away or outdoors a lot. I tend to stick to shade 20 or 30 for this one.

YSL Top Secrets BB Cream-

My go to product last summer. It has an spf of 25, anti ageing serums and the thought behind it is that it can replace your skin care in the mornings so great if you are time poor. It has a medium coverage and is light to wear. I use medium personally but light is fab too and makes your skin glow!


Hope you enjoyed this and I will keep adding to it as I add more to my kit!

If you have any questions on any of these or if I haven’t included any you want to know about just shout!

Chat soon,

Suzie x

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